Trenbolone has pancreatic and vnepankreaticheskim effects. It stimulates the secretion of insulin by lowering the threshold for glucose stimulation of pancreatic beta cells, increases sensitivity to insulin and its degree of binding to target cells that increases insulin release, enhances the insulin effect on the absorption of muscle glucose and liver, inhibits lipolysis in adipose • Read More »

tren 100 side effects

Tren 100 side effects – tren 100 side effects enantiomer, concurrency histamine antagonist, blocks H 1 histamine receptors, an affinity which is 2 times higher than that of the tren 100 side effects Affects the step gistaminozavisimuyu allergic reactions, reduces migration of eosinophils, vascular permeability, limits release of inflammatory mediators. It prevents the development and • Read More »

tri tren side effects

Tri tren side effects agent, III generation sulfonylurea derivative. Stimulates pancreatic beta cells, facilitating the mobilization and strengthening of endogenous insulin release, increases the amount of insulinchuvstvitelnyh receptors in target cells, inhibits the gluconeogenesis. Hyperglycemia without increasing the level of fasting insulin. Extrapancreatic effects are to increase peripheral tissue sensitivity to insulin.Glimepiride has antiagregatsionnym, anti-atherogenic • Read More »

trenbolone hex

Trenbolone hex stabilizes cell membranes, reacts with the active oxygen species, free radicals, exhibits properties variable valence metal chelator. Trenbolone hex reduces the amount of lipid peroxidation products, the content of which is increased by cardiovascular diseases. Trenbolone hex has cardioprotective effects when used in patients with a successful thrombolytic therapy of myocardial infarction. Application • Read More »

what is tren

What is tren is a blocker of histamine, and moderate blocks serotonin , thereby weakening the effect of mediators of allergy histamine and serotonin. Histamine causes the clinical manifestations of allergic inflammation: swelling (increased capillary permeability), flushing of the skin (vasodilation), itching and pain. What is trena feature consists in the fact that it has • Read More »