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PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES The parabolan side effects is immunologically active protein fraction separated from human plasma or serum of donors screened for the absence of antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus , hepatitis C virus and the surface antigen of hepatitis B virus is an active ingredient of the parabolan side effects the parabolan side effects , • Read More »

parabolan steroid

Pharmacodynamics Parabolan steroid inhibitor. Inhibition of Parabolan steroid results in a reduction of angiotensin II in the blood plasma, and resulting in reduced secretion of aldosterone. Perindopril acts through its active metabolite, perindoprilat. Eliminates the vasoconstrictor action of angiotensin II of, increases the concentration of bradykinin and vasodilatory prostaglandins (Parabolan steroid converts the inactive angiotensin • Read More »

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Properties Parabolan dosage – a product of vegetable origin containing extract G 115 ginseng root (Panax ginseng CA Meyer). Extract standardized manufacturing technology that allows you to maintain a constant concentration of ginsenosides in the extract buying ephedra online. Indications – to increase physical and mental performance, with fatigue, weakening of the body and loss • Read More »

parabolan cycle

PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES Pharmacodynamics Both active substance included in the preparation parabolan cycle, estriol and lactobacilli Parabolan cycle , are involved in the physiological mechanism of maintaining normal biotsinoza vagina. Parabolan cycle – one of the dominant vaginal microorganisms healthy woman having antagonistic activity against pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms . estriol – estrogen is a • Read More »


Pharmacological properties Pharmacodynamics Parabolan nitrate has a wide spectrum of activity and is active against dermatophytes, yeasts and molds. It also has clinically significant activity against gram-positive bacteria. Parabolan nitrate damages cell membranes, resulting in increased fungal cell permeability.Target for Parabolan are acyl groups of unsaturated fatty acids included in the phospholipids of the membrane. • Read More »