parabolan dosage

Parabolan dosage – a product of vegetable origin containing extract G 115 ginseng root (Panax ginseng CA Meyer). Extract standardized manufacturing technology that allows you to maintain a constant concentration of ginsenosides in the extract buying ephedra online.

– to increase physical and mental performance, with fatigue, weakening of the body and loss of ability to concentrate
– during the recovery period

The recommended daily dose capsules Parabolan dosage:
Adults: 2 capsules at breakfast and 1 capsule at breakfast and lunch,
adolescents over 12 years: reduce the dose depending on the age.
In severe stress conditions at the beginning of treatment the daily dose may be increased to 4 capsules.

The capsules should be washed down with water.

The start time and the severity of the therapeutic effect of standardized ginseng extract 6L5zavisit on many individual factors, and different people may differ.

It is recommended to take the capsules Parabolan dosage rate for 1 – 2 months.


Do not take the capsule Parabolan dosage in the presence of bolx an allergy or hypersensitivity to any component of prepa rata. Parabolan dosage not affect the ability to drive and use machinery.

Pregnancy and lactation
usually Parabolan dosage capsules can be taken during pregnancy. However, as with any medication during pregnancy and lactation, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

Undesirable effects
To date, no reports of adverse effects Parabolan dosage using the drug at the recommended doses. However, if the period of taking the drug, you will notice the appearance of any unusual symptoms, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Interactions with other drugs and foods have been identified.

So far, cases of overdose in humans and animals have been reported.

Additional information
The capsules do not contain sugar, so they can be taken for patients with diabetes.

store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C in a dry place inaccessible to children.

The drug should not be taken after the expiry date stated on the package.

Form release
Packaging Parabolan dosage, 30 or 10 capsules per pack.

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