tren 100 side effects

Tren 100 side effects – tren 100 side effects enantiomer, concurrency histamine antagonist, blocks H 1 histamine receptors, an affinity which is 2 times higher than that of the tren 100 side effects Affects the step gistaminozavisimuyu allergic reactions, reduces migration of eosinophils, vascular permeability, limits release of inflammatory mediators. It prevents the development and facilitates the allergic reactions, has antiekssudativnoe, antipruritic effect, practically no anticholinergic and antiserotoninovogo action. At therapeutic doses, sedative effect very weak. The action begins in 12 minutes after receiving a single dose in 50% of patients after 1 h – 95% and lasts for 24 hours. Pharmacokinetics Pharmacokinetics is linear. Quickly absorbed by ingestion; meal no effect on the completeness of absorption but reduces its speed. Bioavailability – 100%. The time to reach maximum blood concentration (TStah) – 0.9 h, the maximum blood concentration (Cmax) – 207 ng / ml. The volume of distribution -0.4 l / kg. Communication with plasma proteins – 90%. Less than 14% of the drug is metabolized in the liver by O-dealkylation with a pharmacologically inactive metabolite. The half-life (T1 / 2) – 7-10 hours total clearance -. 0.63 ml / min / kg. Completely eliminated from the body within 96 hours. Report the news (85.4%). In renal insufficiency (creatine clearance (CC) of less than 40 ml / min), the clearance is reduced (in patients on hemodialysis – 80%), T1 / 2 – lengthened. Less than 10% removed during hemodialysis. Penetrates into breast milk.

Symptomatic treatment of hives, including chronic idiopathic urticaria; angioedema; other allergic dermatoses, accompanied by itching and rash.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity (including to derivatives of piperazine), severe chronic renal failure (CRF CC less than 10 ml / min), pregnancy, lactation, children under 6 years. Galactose intolerance, lactase deficiency and glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Precautions Chronic renal failure (requires correction mode), advanced age (perhaps decreased glomerular filtration).

Dosing and Administration Inside, during a meal or on an empty stomach, with a little water, without chewing. The recommended dose vzroslm and children over 6 years of age, elderly patients (assuming normal renal function) – 5 mg (1 tablet) 1 every day. tren side effects in patients with chronic renal insufficiency is reduced dose twice (1 tablet every other day) at 30 QC to 49 ml / min and 3 times (1 tablet per 3 days) at 10 QC to 29 ml / min. Patients with hepatic insufficiency correction mode is not required. The course of treatment for chronic diseases – up to 18 months.

Side effects Possible side effects are listed below by body system and frequency of occurrence: frequent (> 1/10), uncommon (≥1 / 100, ≤1 / 10), rare (≥1 / 1000, ≤1 / 100), very rare (≥1 / 10,000, ≤1 / 1000). On the part of the central nervous system Uncommon: headache, fatigue, drowsiness. rare: . asthenia Very rare: aggression, agitation, hallucinations, depression, convulsions. From the senses: Very rare : blurred vision. From the digestive system: Uncommon: . dryness of the oral mucosa rare: . abdominal pain Very rare: nausea, diarrhea, hepatitis. cardio-vascular system: Very rare: tachycardia. On the part of the respiratory system: very rare: dyspnoea. From the musculoskeletal system: very rare: myalgia. metabolism: Very rare: increase in body weight. Laboratory findings: Very rare: changes in liver function tests.Allergic reakitsi: Very rare: pruritus, rash, urticaria , angioedema, anaphylaxis

Overdosing Symptoms: drowsiness in children – anxiety, irritability. Treatment: gastric lavage, activated charcoal, symptomatic therapy. No specific antidote. Hemodialysis is ineffective.

Interaction with other drugs Theophylline (400 mg / day) reduced total body clearance of tren 100 side effects is 16%, while the kinetics of theophylline is not changed. The combined use of macrolides or ketoconazole did not cause significant changes in the ECG. It can enhance the effect of oppressive central nervous system and ethanol.

Specific guidance is required for caution, while the use of alcohol (see. Interaction with other medicinal products). Effects on ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms In the objective evaluation was not significantly observed effect of the drug on the ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms at the reception at the recommended dose . Nevertheless, during the period of ingestion it is advisable to refrain from activities potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions.

Product Form The tablets, film-coated 5 mg. To 7, 10 and 14 tablets in a strip of aluminum foil or 7, 10 and 14 tablets in a blister white opaque film of PVC / PVDC – aluminum foil. At 1, 2 or 5 strips and 1,2 or 5 blisters with instruction on use in carton box.

Storage: In dry the dark place at a temperature no higher than 30 ° C. Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life 3 years. Do not use the drug after the expiry date. testosteron cypionaat gp methan 50 hgh peptides for sale mexican anabolic steroids