trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

Pharmacological action
Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate from the group imidazopyridines. It has sedative, Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, slightly pronounced anxiolytic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant central action. Excited trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate receptors (omega) in the alpha-subunit of the GABAA receptor complex, localized in region IV plates sensory-motor cortical areas, reticular parts of the substantia nigra, thalamus ventral thalamic complex, bridge, globus pallidus, and others. Interaction with omega-receptors leads to the discovery of neuronal yonoformnyh channels for chlorine.
Shortens time to fall asleep, reduce the number of night awakenings, increased duration of sleep and improve its quality.

After oral administration, the drug is rapidly absorbed, the maximum plasma concentration observed after 0.5-3 hours. Bioavailability is about 70%. Contact with blood plasma proteins -. 92% of the
drug is metabolized in the liver and in the form of inactive metabolites are excreted by the kidneys (56%) and through the intestine (37%). The half-life (T 1/2) is short and is from 0.7 to 3.5 hours (mean 2.5 hours). Do not induce liver enzymes are not cumulated.
In patients with severe hepatic impairment increases the bioavailability, clearance somewhat reduced, T 1/2 increases to 10 hours. In patients with severe impaired renal function the pharmacokinetic parameters remain practically unchanged.


Indications for use:

Sleep disorders of various etiologies: difficulty falling asleep, waking up early and the night.

Hypersensitivity, severe liver failure, sleep apnea, acute alcohol intoxication, children’s age (15 years); pregnancy; lactation.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, respiratory failure, myasthenia gravis, liver / renal failure, alcoholism, drug abuse or drug dependency history, depression.

Dosage and method of use of
drug should be taken immediately before bedtime. Use of the drug is not recommended if the intended duration of the upcoming sleep less than 8 hours.
Adults up to 65 years of drug prescribed at a dose of 10 mg. Adults older than 65 or those suffering from hepatic insufficiency, children over 15 years of the initial dose is 5 mg (half tablet), in some cases, the dose may be increased to 1 tablet (10 mg).
The maximum single dose should not exceed 10 mg . Duration of therapy: The maximum allowed duration of treatment Gipnogenom – 4 weeks. If there is a need to extend the treatment over 4 weeks to re-consultation with a doctor to assess the condition of the patient. Cessation of therapy: Using the drug at the recommended dose and under recommended duration of treatment a gradual reduction in dose not necessary. In case of exceeding the recommended dose or the recommended duration of therapy, a gradual reduction in dose is necessary Gipnogena to avoid “withdrawal”.

Side effect
From the digestive system: abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
Nervous system: confusion, impaired memory, hallucinations, dizziness, anxiety, “nightmarish” dream, severe headache, daytime sleepiness; incoordination, muscle weakness, diplopia, anterograde amnesia.
Allergic reactions: skin rash, itching.
Other: drug dependence (with prolonged use).

Symptoms: oppression of consciousness up to coma, respiratory depression, lower blood pressure, may psychomotor agitation.
Treatment: gastric lavage, is recommended as an antidote flumazenil. Dialysis is ineffective. If necessary -. Symptomatic therapy in the hospital
Even with an excited expression unacceptable administration of any sedatives

Interaction with other drugs
Opioid analgesics, cold preparations, barbiturates, antidepressants, sedatives, and antihistamines, trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonates, clonidine, antipsychotics (neuroleptics) and ethanol increases the risk of depression symptoms of the central nervous system.
Flumazenil weakens or eliminates the Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate effect.
trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate anxiolytics ( tranquilizers) increase the risk of drug dependence.
enhances the effect of imipramine and chlorpromazine, prolongs the half-life of chlorpromazine (chlorpromazine may increase drowsiness and frequency of anterograde amnesia); Imipramine reduces the concentration in the blood plasma.

Special instructions
for violations of liver function shows dose reduction.
When used in recommended doses over 4 weeks of treatment withdrawal should be carried out gradually.
With prolonged use increases the risk of addiction.
Require special care when administering the drug in severe depressions with a high suicide risk. During the period of treatment must be careful when driving and occupation of other potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions, as well as the use of ethanol.

Product Form
The tablets of 10 mg coated: 7, 15 or 20 tablets in a blister; 1 blister pack in a cardboard.

Storage conditions
List №1 potent substances.
Store at temperatures not above 25 ° C, out of reach of children. anabolic steroids online pharmacy

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